Do you really want to be a rat?

It’s been almost 9 months since I quit the corporate world; and I can honestly say they have been the best 9 months of my life. Don’t get me wrong there have been some intense moments that tested me to the max; but they were all lessons I needed to go through in order to grow. It’s ironic that I am writing this blog 9 months into my journey as I really do feel like I have given just birth to a whole new me!

Recently, I’ve had a few people ask me why I gave up my “amazing experience” to enter the risky entrepreneurial world; yes, I have had some extremely impressive jobs, on paper some of the companies I have worked have a serious “wow factor”; but in reality, I find the corporate world to be full of soul destroying vultures; especially in the large well-known brands. 

People need to get over the façade of these big corporate companies being a dream to work for; don’t get me wrong there probably are some great ones, but the corporate world I have experienced has been a very corrupt one. 

My last role was the icing on the cake for me. Bullying in the corporate world is a real thing, and unless you have a director or senior title it is often brushed under the carpet. I have experienced this on one too many occasions and I have seen many colleagues around me be subject to this too. There are certain people in the workplace that thrive to be the greatest and they don’t care what they need to do to get there. They will manipulate and intimidate those with less power to them to make themselves look good.

It’s been long enough since I left for me to admit this now, but the corporate world broke me. To the point of zero self-confidence and exhaustion. My last role had me waking up every day with no purpose and an aching pain in my heart to what the day ahead would bring. I know hate is a strong word, but I truly did hate my life. The working world make me hate my life. What gives a job the power to allow you to feel that way? It shouldn’t and this was why I needed to leave. I had never felt so isolated and excluded. I had an awful boss who made my life hell. There was no way I could continue to work in this environment and stay sane.

I contemplated finding another job, but this wasn’t what I wanted. I was sick of all the bullies and people on power trips. I was sick of all the fakeness and back stabbing. I was no longer driven by a company name, job title or salary. To be fair, this had never really been enough for me; for years everyone has made fun of how many jobs I’d had; but deep down this was due to a feeling that I was missing something and needed more of a challenge. I jumped from job to job trying to find this; never really finding it and then I quit my job and that fire that had been dying to light in my stomach blew up! I had finally found where I was meant to be.

Again, the last 9 months haven’t been clean sailing, but they have taught me more about myself then I have learnt in my entire life. I have more purpose and drive than ever before. I’ve fallen into a group of likeminded people and for the first time ever I finally feel like this is where I belong. I am working towards building what works for me and not what works for someone else. 2020 has been a very testing year for everyone, but I can honestly say this year has been the beginning of great things. I am so excited to share this journey with you.

Buckle up; we’ve a bumpy journey ahead.

Welcome to my page! Those who have followed me for a while on social media will know this isn’t my first time at blogging; my other page is far too niche to share my everyday adventures, so I’ve not written in a while, but I missed it too much! SO, I AM BACK, I couldn’t ignore the burning desire to hear those keys tapping away for a second longer.

I’m so excited to share my story and connect with many more of you wonderful human beings! I’ve been on my entrepreneurial journey for just over a year now; and boy has it been eventful. There have been highs and many, many lows! Then Covid19 turned up; and let’s just say there is a WHOLE story around that. As always, I believe the universe is guiding me to exactly where I need to be. I’m so excited for the months ahead and everything that is yet to come, but before we get there, I promised you a journey; so, sit back and enjoy the ride because we have A LOT to catch up on!